Seeds Software's Privacy Policy

Seeds Software takes your privacy seriously. Our business is software and we only collect the personal information about you neccessary for us to process orders we receive from you or to mail you information that you may request. We will never sell or disclose this information to third parties and only keep a mailing list of our contacts to inform them of: their order's status and updates to our software. You may contact us and be removed from our internal mailing list at any time.

Our Policies and Practices to Protect Your Personal Information

Seeds Software protects the personal information we need to collect for ordering using the safeguards required by the banks and merchant credit card services we use to process credit card purchases and we adhere to the applicable laws governing such transactions and standard business practices. Our credit card ordering service is set up to provide on-line ordering using a secure transaction service through Americart which strives to provide a strong degree of security and is in compliance with the guidelines and requirements of merchant credit card services. The credit card information your provide to order through the secure service is only stored on-line until it is processed and then it is removed from on-line storage. We will always treat your ordering information with the same level of care we would want for our own purchase orders. And we have never had any issues with credit card ordering through our web site in all the years we have had the service available, and intend to keep it that way.

No service is completely without risk however, because there is always at least some small remote chance of compromise in any electronic credit card ordering process -- just as there is always a slight risk of compromise with any other means of credit card ordering. To be certain you are getting the best security possible you should always make certain that the browser is showing that you have a secure connection (depicted by the locked icon in the lower corner of your browser page). And never simply send your credit card information through email directly to us (use our secure system). Also, if you have any doubts, you may wish to verify that your browser is connected up to the correct web site (this can be done by double clicking on the lock icon in the corner of your browser). For Seeds Software's web site, the secure browser connection should be to Americart's web site.

While credit card transactions over the Internet are in general common now, and are reasonably secure, if you are not comfortable giving credit card information on-line to be sent over the Internet to order, consider using the alternative methods provided of faxing, calling, or mailing Seeds Software your order using our on-line forms to print out and fill in your order. With alternative forms of ordering you may also use checks, money orders, and US school or government purchase orders. The secure on-line credit card ordering option is provided for your convenience and is not a necessary means you must use to order our products.

Seeds Software always strives to provide you the best educational software, the best service, and keep the personal information you provide to us safe and secure.

You may contact Seeds Software at:

Seeds Software, PO Box 17704, San Diego, CA 92117

Ph:(206)-782-0914, Fax: (206)-782-0918, e-mail: ""