The Science of Global Warming (Lessons)

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Get a remarkable set of lessons and off-line hands-on labs. Each is closely
integrated to work well with the software, ready to use, and incredibly
effective. You can easily make learning far more interesting and
meaningful with this exciting well tested thematic unit.

Global Warming Lessons & Labs

Global Warming Evidence and Potental Consequences.

To help get a great start on any climate change studies and provide a clear
introduction considering using our brief summary of the
evidence and potential consequences (constituting the work of many
scientists and studies).

Then consider using our software develop the understanding students need to make sense
of all the news and debates on climate change in the press and over the Internet,
and to sort through them from an informed perspective.

Flow Chart of Included Lessons and Labs

Use activities and real experiments to gain an intuitive understanding of Global Warming

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