The Bungee Egg Challenge

Extra Software

Select the version of the Egg Bungee Chord software that you can use below and download it to your hard drive. All versions downloaded from here require a password to open and use. Please do not download this software if you have not obtained the password needed to decompress this software. You may obtain a valid password by faxing us your proof of purchase for the Bungee Egg Challenge software. Fax or mail us a copy of your invoice or PO for the Bungee Egg Challenge Software and a snail mail or email return address and we will send you a password to open the Egg Bungee Chord software for use. Please use Stuffit Expander (TM) to decompress Mac Versions.

You may contact us at:

Seeds Software, P.O. Box 30157, Seattle, WA 98103-5320

Ph:(206)-782-0914, Fax: (206)-782-0918, eMail:

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